Monday, June 29, 2015

Monday again

This weekend was a bust.  Granted, I did better on steps than I have any other weekends, but I still only managed about 2500-3000/day.  And I sucked on water consumption too.  But in my defense, I ate something Friday night that didn't agree with me.  Thought I was ok on Saturday, until I ate and drank.  WRONG!  Rinse and repeat on Sunday.  I drank a Dr. Pepper and wow.  Not a good thing.  So, I spent most of those two days in bed, or just relaxing, and not drinking.  Every time I drank, it was back to the bathroom.

I did make my 5000 steps M-F though, and I'm proud of that.  This week's goal is to get the 5000 steps in before leaving work at 6.  Plus tomorrow morning, I'm meeting a friend at the gym.  I'm hoping for a mile on the treadmill. It has been months, so I'm not expecting to do much more than that, but at least it will be a start - a set distance at a set speed.  Plus I love an incline, so that works me harder too.  Hoping to make it a daily thing - in addition to other working out. 

I found some great kettlebell workouts on Youtube.

I am hoping to try the arm/shoulder one sometime this week with my 5lb kettlebell.  Since the next option up is 10lbs, I think I'll stick with the 5 for everything but kettlebell swings (2-handed), and maybe I'll go up to 10 on the squats too.  But my arms are puny.  Not in size - they are HUGE - but in strength.  I really need to work on that.  I'm still waiting for BeachBody's Cize video to come out.  I really think I'll like it, and I want to get it!

Well, that's my story!  What's yours?

Thursday, June 25, 2015


Made my step goal 4 days in a row so far. Yea! Eating has not been good, but since my goal now is to get moving, I won't let that bother me. I attempted the basic Zumba steps intro. I don't seem to be very good at it. I am hoping when cize comes out next month, it will be a better choice.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Today is the big day

In 5 hrs I will be getting photos and measurements taken. Ian excited and seriously dreading it all at once. I need a set starting point, and this will be it.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Saturday, June 20

Well, last night I played my first game of Cards Against Humanity. What fun! I managed 4500 steps Friday. I would have made 5000 if the game hadn't lasted 4 hrs. I made sure my appointment is scheduled with the photographer for Tuesday. Guess this is really going to happen!


Saturday is not good on steps. I am having some back issues, plus most of the day has been spent knitting, washing clothes, and cooking. I am hoping to make 2500 at least least. Wish I felt better!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

New "Year", New Blog

The time has come.  I am a plus size girl, and I turn 48 next week.  I need to get serious about getting in shape and getting healthy.  My birthday "present" to myself is to have a photographer take some photos of me and help me get accurate measurements.  No, I will NOT be posting any of the photos here. But I am hoping to post changes in measurements over time.

My goals begin next week, Wednesday - my actual birthday.  My exercise goals are as follows:
1. get in at least 5000 steps a day.  Once I manage that for 2-3 weeks, I'll up the number.
2. do a video workout or go to the gym and workout 4-5 days a week
3. buy Cize from BeachBody as soon as it comes out.  It looks like a workout I'd like
4. increase my water intake. Not quite sure yet how I'll track this, but I'm going to try.
5. tracking my workouts here

I think that's a good starting point.  Once I get the exercise going well, I'll start tackling my eating habits in a serious way.

Well, there is is.

**edit to add** met my 5000 step goal today!!